Do you want more clients? 

Do you want more clients? 

Meet Abbey

Abbey first got her hands on a camera at the ripe old age of 4. This was when her obsession began. 

Even when the world was telling her that photography wasn’t a real job, she pushed ahead. Studying it at university in sunny Western Australia.  Working several bar jobs just to pursue her passion. 

After university she started shooting weddings but realised to be truly successful she would need to learn business, and sales. 

This quickly led to a booked year of weddings, but after the success she felt called to creating more impact on the world. Which was when Body&Soul Boudoir was born. Within months she had build a brand new thriving business and community that eventually served hundreds of women. 

After several months off travelling the world and enjoying the fruits of her labour she had time to reflect and had realized there was a decision to make.

Either grow the photography studio to 7 figures, or build the world’s best coaching, consulting and education business for photographers.

The decision ultimately came down to where can she make more impact, and change more lives. 

Blossom & Profit

The new business

Late 2022 is when the she started thinking BIG. Blossom & Profit was born with one core purpose: to help make photographer’s truly prosperous in wealth, health, and relationships. 

Now she spends her time building and managing B&P while helping clients monetize and grow their photography business, live their passion, and build a life they’re proud of living. 

Her goal is to empower and guide other photographer’s to have the same transformation she did, without going through the same mistakes as her. While also changing how the industry operates to remove the unethical, and low integrity behaviours that a lot of other educators and photographers are pushing.

Abbey's Favorite Things

Our Story

Our mission is to help you create prosperity through photography. To us, prosperity is not only defined as a bank balance or an income level. It’s defined ultimately by: FREEDOM.

An interesting thing happens when you start creating your own income: it can lead to burnout. We have first hand experience with this and have developed a framework & curriculum to ensure you are winning in ALL the areas that truly matter.

Not just money, but family, relationships, and even leisure.

The company was founded in 2022, led by Abbey Madison and Nicholas Asher.

We operate according to a set of guiding models based on actual experience with real clients. We cater to talented, experienced professionals who want to grow highly profitable photography businesses by utilizing our proven & sustainable frameworks.

Phase 1: Launch

No clients or just a few

In this stage the photographer must define their branding, style, niche and learn how to get their first paying clients. The result of this stage is not only complete confidence moving forwards, but the necessary foundations in place to grow. Our program Boudoir Bootcamp covers all of this in detail

Phase 2: Growth

Predictable $30k months

In this stage the photographer must go from launch to a unique offer, with one ‘client getting’ system. We also begin to leverage automation. The flagship program for B&P Clients in this stage is “The Fast-Track Program” (FTP); which provides a clear roadmap & works with the photographer through all these steps until they’re successful.

Phase 3: Freedom

asset building

In this phase, the focus of mentorship pivots toward removing yourself from needing to be in the business by expanding, and building team. We have a powerful set of frameworks and models that should be used to systematize your photography business. Once the focus is in Phase 3, we can begin looking for ways to secure your future so you can get rich for sure (not just once)

Phase 4: Empire

Exit, allocate your wealth

The fourth and final stage of the photography business is fully exiting so you can sit back in Bali, sipping on mojitos while the business is being run for you. Or you can sell it to an up-and-coming photographer for up to multiple 7 figures. Or even expand to multiple studios Once this is done we can begin looking for ways to multiply and protect your wealth. So you actually keep it. 

How Our Products Are Designed

The “one-size fits all” solution is a myth. You are a unique individual with unique experiences and skill sets. Because of this, we’ve developed our products and coaching products to match the phase and experience of your photography business. If you want to dive deep on the kinds of products and programs we build with and for clients, we’ve prepared a free training that outlines one of our models for this purpose. If you’d like to speak about any of our products, there is a way to connect with us at the end of that training.

Our Team



You know Abbey! She’ll be your Growth Consultant and coach throughout your coaching. 



Nic is well-versed and highly experienced in marketing, client acquisition, marketing tech, paid traffic, and all of the miscellaneous technical processes required to maintain an online presence in today’s day and age.