Do you want more clients? 

Do you want more clients? 

How To Succeed In Your Photography Business In 2023

While everyone else is worried about the economy, recessions and down-turns there are a select few savvy photographer’s out there who’ll take the lions share of the riches.

If you read the below, and take action. It could be you.

So, I’ve been seeing a lot of fear and blame floating around the socials recently.

If that’s really the case then why do we have clients doing crazy numbers right now, while the majority think it’s ‘slow season’?

Good question, glad you asked.

I’ll start by answering the question upside down, because as the infamous billionaire Charlie Munger decrees: you should “always invert.”

The reason most struggle when times are tight are two-fold.

  1. They have no market differentiation (their business looks and feels the same as everyone else’s)
  2. They go into retraction instead of expansion

Let me explain.

Think different. Be different. Get different results.

When times are hard prospects start price comparing, and if you can’t get out of the comparison trap then you’re going to be in for a tough time.

Thankfully there is a way to avoid this headache.

You need to become ‘incomparable’ to anyone else in your market.

If you manage to do this, you become what’s known as a ‘category of one’, which means there is nobody to compare you against.

There are many ways to do this. I’ll list a few of the best here:

  • Explain what you do in fine detail (every step of your process). Even if other’s do similar things, most don’t communicate it effectively.
  • Create a Mission, Vision & Values for your business – talk about them all the time
  • Niche down to ONE style, ONE aesthetic, ONE ‘ICA’ (Ideal Client Avatar)
  • Sell the experience, not the shoot.

Doing the above will transform your photography business into something utterly special and fantastic in the eyes of your prospects, which makes your brand ‘sticky’.

It also helps to draw in your ideal high-paying, and great to work with clients, while repelling nightmare clients.

So win-win.

Focus on one of these for a whole month. Play, experiment and dial it in. Then move to the next.

When Everyone Else Is Going Left. Go Right.

Now let’s talk about expansion vs. retraction.

When everyone else is turning off ads, posting less, running less offers, and doing less sales & marketing. This is the time to go ALL IN.


Its simple supply and demand.

As supply (content from other photographers) leaves the marketplace, it frees up attention for the savvy business owner (you) to acquire.

And attention is the new oil.

This means that for every piece of content, marketing or sales material that you push into the world, you get more eyeballs on it.

Which naturally leads to more clients in front of your camera.

This is the time to gobble up market share and solidify yourself as the premier go-to luxury brand where you live.

And once you’ve creating that positioning, it sticks around.

This how we created a photography business that outpaced others who had been in the industry for over 10 years, in just a few months.

By following the above, to the letter, you’ll see more growth than ever before.

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